DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Vita Lioni – “The Way You Love Me”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Vita Lioni – “The Way You Love Me”,

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Vita Loni and her brand new single titled “They Want Me Dead”.

Vita Lioni is a Filipina/Canadian R&B singer, songwriter, and producer from Vancouver (Canada). Growing up in a small town in the Philippines, a few CD’s pulled from her parents’ small collection piqued her interests as a 9 year-old and formed the foundation of her musical tastes, namely MOTOWN and R&B/Soul records II (Boyz II Men), Seal (Seal), Design of a Decade, (Janet Jackson) and Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number (Aaliyah). From there, her palate was primed to search for, and eventually find her queen, Sade.

Sade changed her life, discovering a sound that ushered her into the smooth, intimate, and sensual nature of music – resulting in Make-Out Sessions Vol.1, Vita Lioni’s attempt to re-create all the emotions she felt listening to her musical muses. Being super private with very individualistic interests, she is often buried in Pinterest searching for new interior and architectural design trends or indulging in her guiltiest pleasure – shoujo manga and anime. Love is her favourite thing to write about and there is romanticism in everything she likes – renaissance art, bohemian luxe design & fashion, french chateaus, italian villas, vintage furniture, and of course – flowers. Romance in Everything – the phrase embodied in the human, the woman, the artist, Vita Lioni.

Listen and watch below:

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