COVID-19 Delays held rapper Hakeem Prime incarcerated for 15 months before Prosecuting Attorney finally drop charges

As the New COVID-19 relief bill has hit the scene. You could still imagine how much damage and turmoil COVID has actually done, and will do this year of 2021. For the justice system it’s not so different. Trials have been pushed out further as the supreme courts around the country are not allowing for people to participate in proceedings and hearings as COVID runs rapid. Although some artist like Tory Lanez Who just plead not guilty in November on the Megan Thee Stallion shooting case. Might also get a longer time to wait as the supreme court wrestles with the  pandemic. Which could also explain why Nicki Minaj just gave up $450K so fast to Tracy Chapman this week. Non the less congrats to Hakeem Prime for sticking it out so long and beating the case a win is a win.

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