Lexa Terrestrial Shares New Album “EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME”

Lexa Terrestrial Shares New Album “EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME”,,

Lexa Terrestrial Shares New Album "EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME"

Lexa Terrestrial the First Rapper whose music was sent on the first capsule to the MOON! via the biotech company Futuregrind & Grindhouse Wetware Select Album of the Month on Apple Music for indie releases.

It is a blend of upbeat neon bass & dark glittery pain. Mixing Trap/Grunge, Lo-Fi & bedroom pop R&B. It sounds a little like a female Lil Peep w/ fast technical flows and rap’s comparative to Joyner Lucas or Hopsin. For a little sick girl it has powerfully angry deliveries.

Lexa Terrestrial even raps in Japanese on a track. But this is a story about a battle, despite all others, she never thought she would have to fight. You don’t ever think that a doctor will f%%k up your surgery, say.. leave a scalpel in your body, cut off the wrong leg? OR take away your ability to breathe? Well think again!, Medical Malpractice is one of the LEADING causes of DEATH in the U.S!

It’s hard to believe considering we may see our country as safe. But these are the stories they never tell you about.

Lexa dives poetically into the story about the surgery & doctor that almost killed her and left her with a disease. That many doctors try to cover up. And although a lawsuit & court proceedings were up in the air due to Covid, We would like to state that this doctor resides in Virginia!

All proceeds from the album & her new Fashion Line are going towards treatment & awareness. if you want to listen to her album while browsing her new fashion line you can on

The single & Music Video of Lexa Terrestrial’s “Sad Girl Raps” (feat. Rittz) is what, comparatively speaking, would look like if Lady Gaga made a Hardcore Trap / Hip-Hop Music Video.

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