DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Seth Anthony – “Free Taylor”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Seth Anthony – “Free Taylor”,

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Seth Anthony and his brand new project titled Free Taylor.

Thousands of people have been wrongly convicted across the country in a system defined by official indifference to innocence and error.

Taylor Conley was one of those who were wrongfully convicted, and he was incarcerated in 2006 at the age of twenty and is serving a life sentence.

Inspired by Conley’s story, Seth Anthony, a rising musician who makes movement music for those dealing with real-life issues, devised the Free Taylor concept after Taylor and his wife Cecilia started a social enterprise called “Designed Conviction.” The company is dedicated to giving a voice to those who have been incarcerated or formerly incarcerated.

A fresh mix of rap and rock, the sonically sensational “Free Taylor” EP was released on November 7th and is available on all major platforms.

Listen to the EP and watch the video for the song “Designed Conviction” below:

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