Ollie Joseph & UNRTHDX Shares ‘Moon & Back’ Music Video

Ollie Joseph & UNRTHDX Shares ‘Moon & Back’ Music Video,,

Rapper Ollie Joseph (born and raised in Japan) and producer UNRTHDX have been working on a magnificent work of art the past couple of months bringing you their result in the form of “Moon & Back: The Journey”.

Moon & Back tells the story of his observations he made while going out. He has seen people his age complain about how there “aren’t any good ones left,” yet they spend time looking in all the wrong places.

“There are 7.8B people in the world, imagine how many others you’re compatible with. Imagine how many people you’ve met that fit you perfectly, but you never pursued them. Moon & Back is about offering up that chance to see what could come of it.” – Ollie Joseph

‘Moon & Back’ follows ‘Jacksonville Code’, which marks the second of four tracks on their “Moon & Back: The Journey” project by Ollie Joseph x UNRTHDX.

Check out the video down above.

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