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In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Khi Infinite and his brand new single titled “LUCY”.

50% of “LUCY”‘s first month royalties will be donated to homeless shelters in Khi’s local community of Virginia Beach. It is also the first single off of Khi’s upcoming album, “TAKE WHAT YOU NEED”, which will be releasing on November 6th. This song is stylistically quite “genre-bending”. Like a lot of Khi’s music, “LUCY” takes influence from R&B, Hip-Hop, and Alt-Pop. In the song, Khi tells a story about his battle with love and the addiction he has to a relationship which, for some reason, he just can’t seem to move on from. It is this addiction that keeps him coming back to this significant other for more and leaves him questioning whether or not a relationship is what they both want. The constant back and forth is ultimately what makes the song’s story so relatable and something that listeners will surely gravitate towards.

Listen below:

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