Who is Big Han? Everything To Know

Who is Big Han? Everything To Know,,

Who is Big Han? Everything To Know

The 6’4 and 280 pound rapper has more of a build to play in the NFL, and if you ask him, he’ll tell you that’s what he should’ve been doing anyway. Then he would joke and say music just happens to be better to his body, and mind. At the end of the day Big Han, lives up to his name, even if his music did suck. Fortunately, that’s not the case in the slightest.

“Stress Relievers”, “1700 Lenny”, “Big Weight”, “Talk My Shit” and of course “Told My Momma” are the only songs needed to be heard in order to notice the diverse talent that Big Han aka Han1hunnid possesses. His most recent project “WIT”, an acronym for Whatever It Takes, was his first presentation of his skills on an official tape. The entire tape was, in his words, a “mediocre showing of his ability”. In fact the whole tape was recorded out of the closet in his grandmas house, so you can imagine the amount of raw talent needed to collectively create masterpieces like “I Take It Back”, “High Predicament” and “Boujee”.

Who is Big Han? Everything To Know

His upcoming album “Different Bag” drops September 19th, three days after his 20th birthday. It presents an unorthodox 11 songs, featuring his two most recent tracks “Talk My Shit” and “Stress Relievers.

If you were going to describe what a nomad looked like, up and coming rapper Big Han would be the perfect depiction. Growing up in at least 10 homes from birth to the age of 15, you could say the South Jersey artist is “untied” to any one group of people. The rapper grew up hustling in anyway he could his whole life, even managing to have a small business by the age of 10.

Who is Big Han? Everything To Know

However, he’ll tell you himself, “minimum wage work, doing something you hate, just to fill the top dogs pockets is not it.” Han1hunnid, in his music often alludes to “doing what you have to do” to put money in your pocket, and how it may not always be pretty but when the end goal is met everything will be worth it. We know you love an underdog story and we know you love hot music, so tune in, learn more about Big Han, “Different Bag” is coming real soon… he is the next big thing to come out of Jersey.

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Instagram: @han1hunnid
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