DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Devin Hailey – “Kick It 2 U”

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Devin Hailey – “Kick It 2 U”,

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Devin Hailey and his brand new single titled “Kick It 2 U”.

In a continuation of impressive R&B talent, Devin Hailey gears up to release his newest hit “Kick It 2 U” on Friday September 11th. As the nephew of R&B icon JoJo Hailey, Devin holds the torch high in a dynamic furtherance of the level of artistry that has come out of the JT Entertainment label this year. With JoJo Hailey kicking off a remarkable string of releases by the Hailey family in early 2020, Devin follows his uncle and his two cousins Sakoya Wynter and Kayla Tiffany with this late summertime hit. Devin describes the track as an organic arrangement that was born of a studio session he didn’t even think he’d be at. Alongside artists and trusted collaborators Mike Smoov and Blaq Rose, Devin felt the inspiration for “Kick it 2 U” after what was a very difficult day for his family. Having experienced a loved one’s passing earlier that day, Devin had no idea he’d be channeling his restless and emotional energy into a song about romance and love.

While Devin is an east coast native, the video for “Kick It 2 U” was shot on a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles. Scenes in front of the downtown skyline paired with a split screen of him and a beautiful young girl grab listeners with a ‘young love’ type of mood that Devin seamlessly pairs with contemporary R&B arrangements. The good vibes are undeniable; Devin’s lyrical flow blends perfectly into a chorus reminiscent of classic rhythm and blues while maintaining a fresh & youthful energy throughout. Devin’s passion for the traditional Hip Hop / R&B style shines through from beginning to end. The video offers a smooth color palette of golds and silvers with Devin and the ‘love interest’ at the forefront. “Let me kick it to you baby, let me hit you with that good love, you’re the one I’m thinking of” – Devin delivers the world a classy love song during a time when the world could use a little more love in its life.

Listen below:

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