Longshot Releases New Album ‘Champion’: Listen

Longshot Releases New Album ‘Champion’: Listen,https://ift.tt/30xX7wO,

Longshot Releases New Album 'Champion': Listen

Everyday, we as people are tasked with raising and providing for a family, working long hours for little pay, fighting for human rights, and all the while, trying to find time to love ourselves.

Rarely do we get a trophy. Longshot’s 10th studio album, ‘Champion’, celebrates the everyday winner and hero inside of each and every one of us.

The single mother or father, the nurses and doctors on the frontline of this pandemic, Black Womxn, teachers, and activists fighting for social equality and human rights…these just some of the examples of the champions this album celebrates.

Longshot Releases New Album 'Champion': Listen

For production on this project Shot enlists long time musical partner TGIK. The duo follows up their debut collaboration, 2016’s ‘Struggle Music’, with a timeless summer piece that’s perfect for a picnic, protest, or just posted at the crib.

A portion of the sales from this album will be redirected to community organizations in Chicago and Minneapolis working for social justice and equal human rights. stream ‘Champion’ below.

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